Complete horticultural solutions. Certhon designs and realises them, all from business park abc westland. "We make the greenhouses and our neighbours buy, pack and transport the products".

Family business Certhon Greenhouse Solutions was founded in 1896. Certhon designs and realises innovative horticultural techniques for companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Construction, climate, irrigation and electrical engineering, but above all the connection between these disciplines, for an all-in-one horticultural solution. Certhon has been doing this since 2005 from business park abc westland. To great satisfaction, says CEO Hein van der Sande.

The move didn't take place overnight, it was preceded by considerable preparation. "First we had a design made for the building. Why is that? Hein explains: "Logistics and spatial planning are extremely important to us. Then the search for a plot began." abc westland has been very supportive from the start, Hein emphasises. "abc is very flexible, always has been. We appreciate that."

According to Hein, the specialisation of abc westland in the agri & food sector is essential for their network. He explains why Certhon needs a good network. "The lines are getting shorter and shorter. Collaboration is therefore important. And that cooperation is present, also on the business park. "We realize the projects our neighbors buy, pack or transport."

Certhon and abc westland have been getting along well for years. Hein sees the business park as a partner who thinks along with them. "Everything is negotiable with Herwi and the team and a lot is possible." Hein gives a simple example of a simple change, which nevertheless has a major impact on Certhon: "For example, we have had a door placed in our fence so that employees can walk through the nature reserve during their lunch break".

“We're taken seriously by abc westland”