The Witkamp family business is one of the largest fruit and vegetable exporters in the Netherlands. They have been located at abc westland for decades. “With Hoek van Holland just a stone’s throw away, Westland products are in England in no time.” 

The Witkamp family business started in 1936 with a grocery store in the town centre of Poeldijk and they have been commissioners in fruit and vegetables since the foundation of Auction North (now abc westland).

“The import and export of fruit and vegetables have increased enormously in recent years,” says Morris, sales manager at Witkamp. “We import from Europe, North Africa, Morocco and Egypt, among others, but our main product consists of Westland produce. We buy the cucumbers and tomatoes directly from the greenhouses surrounding abc westland. The Stenaline service of Hoek van Holland ferries our products to England. And because we’re only around the corner, products can still be moved up to the very last minute. You can’t go fresher than that!” 

“Cooperation with the other companies on site is intensive. Koos van Gaalen, for example, organises the transport and EuroWest, among others, is responsible for packaging and repackaging. From here, the product is moved directly to, for example, the customer.” It strikes Morris that there is absolutely no competition on the site. “On the contrary, everyone is working together and helping each other!” 

Since Witkamp works with fresh produce, everything has to work properly. “The technical department of abc westland is very visible. Early in the morning or late at night, they’re always available and everything is solved quickly.” In 2001 Witkamp wanted to expand. “After close consultation, we were able to rent the building next door. That transition went very smoothly. abc westland understood our needs and everything worked according to plan in no time”, Morris explains. 

“There is very good cooperation here, everyone helps each other!”