"Fresh must stay fresh." Best Fresh grows fast, but never loses sight of what is important. Meet the largest tenant of abc westland.

No less than a fifth of the business park abc westland is occupied by Best Fresh and the service provider of fruit and vegetables is still growing. The group of companies has a rich history and has seen the agri & food sector change dramatically: "Vegetables have become attractive again. According to Mart Valstar, a specialised business park in agri & food has many advantages, both for the companies located at abc westland and for the image of the sector.

The Best Fresh has been operating from abc westland since 2001 and is the largest tenant of the business park. According to Mart Valstar, abc westland still has the charm and strength of the old auction: "It's nice to be here with each other, that gives a familiar feeling". According to Mart, the added value of agri & food companies combined in one area is quite unique in the world: "It is special that competitors share 'one roof' with each other. Maybe it's very Dutch." According to Mart, this bundling is good for both the companies at abc westland and the image of the chain in general: "It creates a clear image to the outside world."

“That truck drives from A to B anyway, it's all about the added value of the business park.”