From the first day Euro West is a tenant at abc westland, back when the current business park was still an auction area. An active resident who anticipates with and keeps growing, not only in the sector but also with the business park.

Euro West packs fruit and vegetables and is an important intermediary for many domestic and foreign producers, wholesalers and exporters. Many companies at abc westland are also customers of Euro West. Marco Vijverberg has owned the company since 2001, which his father founded in 1971. In 2013 he bought the premises at abc westland and became an owner instead of a tenant.

Internationality and sustainability are important pillars for the trade of Euro West. The fact that abc westland focuses on the Agri & Food sector and thus positions itself strongly in the (international) market, is therefore an advantage for Euro West. According to Marco, the connection in the Agri & Food sector is becoming even more important. 

The value that abc westland gives to sustainability also appeals to Marco. "abc thinks along when it comes to green energy for example." According to Marco, his customers are also pleased with the location of Euro West on the abc westland business park. "Customers like me here." He also stresses that he is satisfied with the maintenance and security.

Marco is actively involved in the developments of abc westland, as a member of the Owners' Association. "We're talking about the ins and outs, but also about the future." Developments are going fast in the sector, as Marco also knows. Automation plays an important role in the entire Agri & Food sector, including the packaging industry. "In 5 years' time, 60% more will be automated in the entire packaging industry. We are pioneering proactively to set up our company to achieve this".

“We are tenants from the first day”